To maximise society's potential by minimising stumbling blocks to progress wherever they manifest themselves, but particularly among communities that are most in need.

We believe that society is capable of improving continuously and that all societies should strive to achieve this through innovative approaches to problem resolution. As such we are interested in innovative approaches to impacting human progress on matters pertaining to:

Education & Training

We are passionate about access to education, more importantly, to the right type of education. Our model therefore not only looks at school fees, but is focused strongly on curriculum development and ensuring that education has practical everyday value. The content of education is as important to us as the mode of training, the caliber of teacher and training protocols used.

Health & Sanitation

We live by the guiding principle that prevention is better than cure. Healthy practices and creation of awareness of health risks is at the heart of our underlying approach. Where we can, we will assist with facilitating access to primary health care facilities and practitioners.

Philosophy & Ethics

We exist in a dynamic and multicultural society. Progressively there is a threat of indigenous cultural values being eroded and secular cultures becoming more prevalent. Some of the founding cornerstones of indigenous ways of life such as humanity and dignity need to be preserved. Pervasive arrant sub-cultures are associated with a downward spiral in the values of humanity, and overall with a poorer quality of life. By promoting philosophical underpinnings and ethics, we wish to be associated with progressive rather than retrogressive socio-cultural practices.

Productivity / Occupational

Global competitiveness is a developmental imperative, which is linked to job creation and economic well being. It is incumbent upon any society that the ethos of hard work is embraced as a means of maximising the utilisation of available finite resources. An inspired nation would seek to minimise wastage and misappropriation. We work with organisations and individuals that value the concept of productivity increase and the elimination of wastage. Ultimately, productivity will incrementally lead to an accumulation of vast resources per capita and consequently a general uplift in living standards.


We support the premise of biodiversity and that of striving diligently for a sustainable planet. Overall our responsibility towards ourselves is mirrored in how disciplined we are with what is at our disposal, taking into account our ability to cause harm through ignorance or inadvertently. Dissemination of information should be proportional to the risk associated with potential compromise to the environment. Enforcement of healthy practices should be directed also in proportion to the risks entailed. On this issue decisive action is urgent and imperative.

The foundation will analyse and assess its need for involvement with matters that are not directly linked to its 5 main targets. There is a possibility that some other phenomena or topics may have a bearing on those that concern us, in which case our chances of involvement might be heightened.

By declaring our key areas of focus we do not by any means imply that we would be interested in every such matter or that we would have the resources to do so. The foundation operates in an environment where our resources are finite. The decision to become involved will be completely up to the discretion of the board after considering the merits and demerits of individual cases.

It is also important to note that in the event where we decline or are unable to partner on a project, this does not mean that the project is not worthwhile. The interpretation of our criteria of selecting causes will be entirely limited to available capacity and competing ends at the time of application.